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Review: The Perfect Match by Kristen Higgins

The Perfect Match (Blue Heron #2) - Kristan Higgins

THE PERFECT MATCH is book two in the Blue Heron series by Kristan Higgins and oooooh, she has hit the spot with this one! There are so many fabulous things about this book that I think it might fall into fangirl territory if I’m not careful but first things first, let’s talk about the amazing heroine, Honor Holland.


Honor Holland is the middle sister, the boring one, the one who handles the business (yuck!) side to their family wine business. She is thirty-five when her ob-gyn tells her that hey, you’re getting a little old and your eggs are shrivelling up! Oh, the horror! In a panicked mode, Honor decides to spring the life-changing question and asks her best friend and part-time partner in the sack, Brogan Cain to marry her. As you can expect, it comes tumbling down on her and poor Honor is left climbing out herself.


The hero is Tom Barlow, an English chap who is a professor and a little bit of a meanie. When Honor’s marriage proposal goes horribly wrong and later Brogan confesses to her that he is marrying her best friend, Dana, Honor drops down in attack mode and literally attacks her best friend in a bar. Not her brightest moment, but for Tom, who witnesses this all, he finds her feistiness attractive. They go on a date and well, it turns out that feistiness may not be a good thing.


There’s also a situation about Tom’s green card and also a little about marital fraud, but hey, that’s all speculation and it actually makes the book better if you can believe. I’ll let you decide for yourself.


As you can tell, I had an absolute blast reading this book! Higgins’ humor in this one is right on the money and had me crying because it was so damn funny. But laughter isn’t the only thing you’ll be experiencing in this book. There are plenty of suspenseful moments, plenty of jaw-dropping-holy-shit-did-Honor-really-do-that? moments and lots of I-want-to-strangle-Tom-and-Charlie moments as well. I got so involved in these character’s lives that I was feeling every single emotion they were.


Honor is an incredible heroine and possibly one of my favourite heroines this year. She shows such strength and courage and the things she experiences in this book are just dreadful, yet she handles it all fairly well. I just had an immediate liking to her character and hope that this continues on with the rest of the series.


If there is one downside to this book is that Tom’s revelation to this book is a little quick and a little too close to the end. Other than that, the only nitpicking I can think of is this:

Higgins, I want more detailed sex scenes.


You can’t give me a hotter-than-hell hero and do fade-to-black sex scenes! Gimme the goods! I want to see upside-down, hanging off the chandelier sex in the next book, :D

Love, your newest #1 fangirl.


THE PERFECT MATCH is Contemporary Romance at its best! Each page is filled with Higgins’ quick wit, hilarious antics and fun family drama. If you haven’t met the Hollands yet, then you are missing out in a huge way!


*ARC provided by publisher