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Review: Cast Off by KC Burn

Cast Off - K.C. Burn

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t read the others in the series, but I’ve had my own on this author and this series for awhile. The main reason was because it’s called Toronto Tales and I wanted to see how the author portrayed my city. Also, I’m always looking for new M/M series to love.


Unfortunately, this book didn’t exactly shine for me. I enjoyed it, but I won’t think I would reread or recommend to anyone right away. I found that I enjoyed the author’s writing style but for me, the chemistry between Rick and Ian never really took off. It simmered with its frequent sex scenes and instant arousal, but I was looking for something more and never got it.


I think this is in part because I never really connected with Rick or Ian’s character. I don’t know why, but not once did I come to care about the characters and that really irked me about the book. They didn’t really feel particularly likeable at first glance and when you continued to read, it wasn’t until the end that their connection is made. And that, for me is a little too late.


*ARC provided by publisher