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A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift -  Jennifer Ashley Posted on Under the Covers

I’m a little late on this. Or early depending on how you see it. But I thought it was time for a little revisit with some of my favorite Historical Romance characters. If there is one series you need to read in the Historical Romance genre, then you must check out the Highland Pleasures series.

At 99 cents, THE PERFECT GIFT is the best buck you’ll ever spend. I’m usually tentative when purchasing novellas because I don’t often like them and find them too short. However, this novella is quite longer than I expected it to be. Far more than I expected at this cheap price.
I’m quite a sucker for Christmas stories and moreso for Historical Christmas stories. I’m not sure why that is. Possibly because of the family gatherings and lush atmosphere. And as you know, the MacKenzies have to be one of my favorite fictional families ever! It’s nice to revisit them and get a glimpse into their Christmas gatherings.

You may rejoice because there’s quite a lot of Beth and Ian time. They are quite possibly my favorite of the series. Oooh, its’s tough to say. Suz and I often fight about who is the best, but Ian is definitely a top pick. Reading more about him takes me back to his book. It makes me want to reread and relive his struggles once again. I would go as far and say that Ian MacKenzie may be one of the most well-loved Historical Romances heroes right now.

Several other Highland hunks are present and for me, the best part is seeing them happy and together. It makes my heart sing with happiness. This almost feels like an epilogue for all the books with the small updates on each of them.

If you’re a diehard fan of this series, then this is clearly not one to miss. For its length and price, it’s a no-brainer! You’ll want to check it out. No one can resist some time with Ian!