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Magic Rises - Ilona Andrews Reviewed for Fresh Fiction

Ilona Andrews has penned the best book in the Kate Daniels series to date with MAGIC RISES. Mercenary, Kate Daniels and her mate, Curran aka the Beast Lord are faced with a crisis that is taking the lives of the Pack's beloved shapeshifting children. Their small bodies are unable to control their beast sides, resulting in tragic deaths. They learn that there is a medicine that can help them. However, it lies heavily guarded in the European packs far away from their home. In a desperate attempt to save their Pack's children, Kate and her crew stride headstrong into danger that will only get more challenging as the days go on.

Politics and the threat of war is a constant throughout the book. Yet Kate and Curran will experience something that will shake the very ground they stand on and test their loyalty to one another. In the most heartbreakingly emotional storyline that Andrews has adapted in the series, MAGIC RISES will have you laughing out loud at some of the antics while also tearing your heart out with its losses.

Kate Daniels has been my top favorite heroine for a long time. However, in this latest installment, we see a much more vulnerable side to her. We see her emotions written plainly across her face. We see the hurt she is trying to hide and we see the depth of her love for Curran. Detailed worldbuilding is often what fans go for when reading an Ilona Andrews book, but after reading this, they will see their talents in creating multidimensional characters as well.

Say goodbye to sleep because you won't feel the need for it when you have this hot little number in your hands. An all- nighter material, MAGIC RISES has blazing hot action, heart- stopping emotion, and quick wit banter all in one delicious package. If there is one author that defines Urban Fantasy, it is Ilona Andrews.