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Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley For four years, Mara Hanover has imagined a love affair with her neighbor, police detective Mitch Lawson. But her shy and closed off personality keeps those feelings locked tight in a fist. When a bathroom mishap brings Mitch into her home and just a few feet away from her bedroom, Mara believes that she is in over her head. However, more bad news comes in when her drug addict cousin’s children run away from home and need her to pick her up at the gas station.

Becoming a guardian wasn’t in her plans, but Mara isn’t the type to back away when the people she loves need her. Along for the ride is Mitch who burrows himself into Mara’s life until she realizes how she could have lived without him in the first place?

There should be a warning on all of Ashley’s books that state: Delicious heroes alert! May induce swooning, sighing and salivating! It seems that each book that Ashley writes, there is a to-die-for hero. In LAW MAN, Mitch is the perfect balance of alpha and protector along with sweet nurturer. I found it nearly impossible to stop grinning as I read this book.

One of the things I found so very special about Ashley’s books is the way she is able to encapsulate the emotions of her characters through dialogue. While actions speak louder than words, in this case, Ashley loves stating characters intentions in crystal clear clarity so that there is no mistake in communication or understanding. It makes those professions of love and devotion that much more potent and alluring while also tugging on reader’s heartstrings. A master of words, Kristen Ashley simply shines with each book she writes!

LAW MAN is an addicting ride from start to finish. Add in the delicious hero and you’ve got hours of entertainment at your fingertips!