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Rough, Raw, and Ready - Lorelei James I wasn’t expecting to like this one much because I didn’t like Edgard and Trevor in the first book of the series, so reading about their HEA wasn’t something I thought I would be interested in. However, James really gave these two guys (and Chassie) a really good story and I’m very impressed with how she handlde this one.

Permanant ménages are hard to do because you need to be able to make three people fall in love in a believable way. Some authors can’t even achieve that with two people, but James excelled in this case. However, that is not to say that it was an easy ride.

There were some times when I wanted to punch Edgard and Trevor for what they did to Chassie. How does she handle knowing that there will always be a part of Trevor’s heart that she will never touch? She endures so much for these two and despite my initial thoughts that she was dealt the short stick, as James further developed their relationship, I began to believe that this was what she truly wanted. And Chassie ends up getting not one, but two sexy cowboys to ride into the sunset.

I liked how James showed the love between her and Trevor first and then Trevor’s deep devotion to Ed as well. Seeing Chassie and Ed falling in love was the key to making this whole ménage work though and the time spent developing that bond was very well-done. By the end of the book, I went from hating Trevor and Edgard and feeling sorry for Chassie to loving them all. That is a testament to James’s writing skill and talent.

Cam’s story broke my heart and I am dying to read his story! But first comes Colt and I’m not complaining! I’ve been waiting to read about Colt and India!!!