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Half Moon Hill (Destiny, #6) - Toni Blake Toni Blake pens such emotional and intensely moving sex scenes that they have become incomparable and they stay etched in your mind long after you've finished the book. Each scene is better than the last and it takes true talent to be able to evoke deep emotions while maintaining the steaminess.

As Blake uncovers Duke's past, my heart broke. Layer after layer is revealed about his character and the more you read, the more you fall in love with Duke Dawson. Blake does a phenomenal job of creating conflict in a contemporary setting that feels real and believable and therefore, makes for a read that will grab onto your heart and never let go.

HALF MOON HILL is a touching tale that goes beyond the usual heartbreak. It's a story that will make you want to cheer on the characters and most of all, make you believe in love.

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