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First off, if you are not reading this series, then stop reading this review and grab the first book of the series, SHAEDES OF GRAY. The Shaede Assassin series is a wonderful, unique and hard-hitting Urban Fantasy series that I think fans of Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series or Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series would enjoy. There is plenty of action to keep readers riveted and with a heroine such as Darian who displays both vulnerability and strength, I think it’s safe to say that there is a fresh new voice in the Urban Fantasy genre and that voice belongs to Amanda Bonilla.

CRAVE THE DARKNESS starts where BLOOD AFTER SUNRISE leaves off. It deals with the consequences of Darian’s impulsive decisions and definitely makes our heroine rethink her initial actions. As Darian tries to salvage whatever she can with her Jinn bond and Tyler, she comes to terms with her feelings for him and just how deep those emotions run.

However, standing in her way is another assignment that places her as guard to Anya, a fellow Shaede member who is the first to be pregnant in centuries. Added to that is the fact that Anya and Darian don’t necessarily get along too well.

As threats become potential disasters, Darian must do what she is meant to do and kill another assassin before they kill Anya. But as with all of Bonilla’s work, she carefully executes stellar plot twists that make you second guess if she’s not an evil plot master who cackles manically every time she reveals something unbelievably incredible. CRAVE THE DARKNESS just might be the best of the series.

I would definitely recommend reading the series in order. While the author does recap details that will help readers remember past events, I think you’d have a better reading experience if read in order. Events will hold far more impact that way.

CRAVE THE DARKNESS displays Bonilla’s talents in the most flattering way. Excellent writing, pacing that is perfection and a few twists and turns along the way make for a read that is worth the wait.

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