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The Sweetest Mercy (Sexy Shifter Shorts #3) - Amanda Bonilla image

If you haven’t read the first two shifter shorts in this series, then I highly suggest you do before reading this one. The events from the previous books definitely play a huge role in this one and sets up the scene for Kiera Ware and Carter Hayes’ romance.

Kiera has been kidnapped and madness lingers at the edges of her mind. Because she is a wood nymph and requires sex on a full moon to keep her sane, her capture is made all the more painful because she cannot find the release she needs.

Carter has been sent to retrieve Kiera by her sister. Their meeting results in a fury of passion and chemistry and it remains that way throughout the short story. Bonilla also adds in a great touch of action that pushes the plot forward, giving it that extra bounce that makes it an easy read.

I especially love the way Bonilla is able to give her characters an intricate past. Carter has been mated before and he hasn’t truly gotten over it. The antagonist tries to use this to his advantage and it only makes for a more interesting book!

If you’re looking for a short, but very clever and well-written erotic romance, then I definitely suggest checking these books out. They’re short with a little spice. Just the way I like it!

*Review Copy provided by author