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In the tenth book of the New Species series, Dohner presents readers with psychiatrist Dr. Joyce Yards, who goes by the name of Joy. Joy was 466’s shrink before but two years have passed and now 466 goes by the name of Moon. He was shot by something that has made him crazed and his is now murderously dangerous to all those trying to help him. Potent in feral sexuality, Moon is a New Species turned ten times more dangerous because he doesn’t recognize those around him. However, he does recognize Joy. As she tries to coax him back, true love becomes Moon’s remedy.

While I enjoyed this latest installment to the series, I did feel as if it was almost too clinical. The heroine being a psychiatrist and trying to ease Moon out of his feral state seemed less about the romance and more about recovery. In someways, I liked it, but I also thought that due to the clinical nature of the story, some of the passion was taken out with it.

Another thing that I felt was too much in this book was Moon. He is so feral and animalistic that he didn’t feel like a hero to me. He was just someone to save and though I had an emotional connection with him, I still didn’t see him as a hero. Yes, he was desirable and yes, he showed some growth but he didn’t fully win me over.

For fans who follow the series, you get to see familiar names. This is one of my favorite things about this series. However, I will say that if you’re thinking about starting this series, this book could work alone as a standalone too.

All in all, an enjoyable read but not the most passionate of the series.

*ARC provided by publisher