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There were two reasons why I picked up this book:

The cover – Look at those abs!

I read the blurb and when I saw that the hero, Dante was a MMA fighter, I knew I had to have it!

Unfortunately for me, that’s where my love for the book started and ended.

Caitlyn Moore believes herself to be fat. She doesn’t have a healthy self image and it is very, very prominent in this book. She is so insecure about herself that it’s a downer and instead of making me connect with her, it only infuriated me. All she thinks about is her weight, weight, weight, which in turn causes her to worry, worry, worry.

When Dante Jones, a hot MMA fighter expresses some interests in her, she completely shuts him down. And when he persists, she does it again and again. All her moaning about being not good enough for Dante because of her distorted body image was so persistent that I ended up believing that about Cait. She doesn’t deserve Dante. Dante is a really nice guy and he genuinely wanted to be with her but because of her attitude and her hang ups, Cait doesn’t see that.

As a result, I thought that there was zero chemistry between the hero and heroine. As much as Dante tries – and Lord knows the boy does try very hard – in the end, I felt nothing for the couple. Niles kept saying how there was such great chemistry between them, that one sizzling hot look said it all – but the author never showed it. It’s not enough for me to tell readers that there is chemistry between characters. You have to show it. Make me believe in the couple and then the chemistry comes on its own. I felt nothing.

Another thing that bothered me were the side characters. I found them to be annoying and quite frankly, they were all jerks. As the story went on, I felt less and less inclined to read.

This book didn’t work for me. Apart from Dante, who really is a decent character, the book felt flat. Therefore, I can’t recommend and would pass this up.

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