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In the second book of the Science of Temptation series, THE SEDUCTION HYPOTHESIS, Dryden pairs together wildlife biologist Lindsey and Ben. Lindsey enjoys reading a comic that is more graphic and deals with BDSM. She gets turned on by it and when she decides to attend a fan convention and dress up as one of the characters, Ben begins to see her in a different light. As a couple, they had it good, but it could have been better and that is explored more fully in this book.

While I liked both characters, I don’t think I really connected with them. There wasn’t anything that really resonated with me and I wonder if that’s just the characters or the writing. I liked it, but it’s not necessarily my favorite BDSM read. The chemistry is there, but not as strong as I would hope for in a Dom/sub relationship.

I enjoyed seeing Ivan and Camilla again in this book and seeing updates on how they are doing. If you like the idea of nerds and BDSM together, then this could be something for you. Unfortunately for me, I think the idea of it seems more compelling than what I’ve seen so far in the series.

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