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Juliet Montgomery has escaped to a small Montana town near the Kooskia reserve in hopes to getting away from her family. Her brother dabbles in some bad things and she wants nothing to do with it. However, those ties still hold her back when she gets involved with the hotter than hell sheriff, Quinn Lodge.

Quinn turned out to be quite the surprise. After reading AGAINST THE WALL, the first book of the series, I desperately wanted to read the rest of the sibling’s stories but I had no idea that Quinn would turn out to be so dominant. He likes control in the bedroom and that definitely spiced things up a bit. Their first sexual escapade actually involves the breaking of a coffee table so I’m sure you can catch my drift on how sexy this book turned out to be. Simply put, Quinn Lodge is a dream!

Since this book is on the shorter side of things, I flew through it so quickly. However, I do feel as if everything moved at a very fast paced. I wished it was longer so that the author could really take her time with the romance in the beginning. It felt a little bit rushed because a solid foundation to their relationship had to be established early on for the suspense aspect of the story to work well. I felt that it did work out on its own, but having more page time add would have made it that much stronger.

That being said, things wrapped up pretty quickly in the end. Again, I would have liked to see that Quinn and Juliet’s relationship was on steady ground before it ended too quickly.

If you’ve read the previous book in the series, then you know there is an emphasis on family. I LOVE THIS! The tight-knit group and all the banter between them propels this book from good to great. I am very much looking forward to reading all about the characters. Hopefully Hawk will have a book as well.

All in all, though a bit quick in some places, I loved this book. Zanetti’s writing is engaging and fun and paired with a hero who has a dominant streak and you’ve got a winner!

*ARC provided by publisher