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Anne Calhoun is one of those rare authors whose work is unforgiveable intense and erotic without really trying so hard. When I saw that Calhoun was coming out with a new book, I knew I had to read UNFORGIVEN. She is one of my autobuy authors and with this book, she reminds me of why I love her work best.

Adam Collins has just returned from active service with the Marines. His last lady love is now engaged to be married to his best friend and while it should cause some sourness between them, Adam seems very mature about it all. That’s because he has a little vixen up his sleeve and within twenty minutes of returning home, Adam is in Marissa Brooks.

Marissa is a very interesting character. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid of expressing her wants sexually. It’s part of the reason why Adam is so drawn to her. She isn’t defensive or secretive, but open and refreshing. As we learn more and more about these characters, Calhoun gives them a backstory that is charming and sexy without really trying. Her words are quiet, but intense and it makes for a rocksteady romance that scorches the pages.

If you’ve read Calhoun before, you know that she writes fantastic sex scenes. Emotions are poured into every scene so not only do you get a hotter than hell sex scene, but you get character growth as well. I was very impressed by the way she was able to integrate large amounts of emotion into each scene so that it didn’t feel too similar with the one before it while maintaining a high level of heat.

Adam and Marissa are a match made in heaven. Their romance blooms at a believable and sure pace, leaving no question that at the end, they have reached their happily ever after.

Calhoun proves once again just how talented a writer she is with UNFORGIVEN. Intense emotions, broken souls and a white hot romance is what you will find in this book. I’d make sure I checked this one out for sure, a definite recommend!

*ARC provided by publisher