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*Prelim copy provided by editor

When Angela James asked me if I was interested in reading a New Adult Post-Apocalyptic MC book, I knew I was in even before I said yes. That combination alone is enough for me to want to read it without having read the blurb. Learning that the author was Stephanie Tyler at a later date definitely added more points in their favor.

DEFIANCE is the first in a new series that breaks all the rules and makes new ones. The heroine, Tru Tennyson is an MC princess, the token woman in a male-dominated culture. She escaped for awhile before a hybrid storm killed millions and forced her to return home and to the man she hoped to avoid.

Caspar is an interesting character and probably what intrigued me most about this book. As the bastard son to the MC’s leader, he has his own power in the ranks and you definitely feel his commanding presence throughout the entire book. He was one I was always looking forward to reading.

DEFIANCE pushes the bar a little bit with the MC culture. There is sex for power, violence and the start of a gang war so if you love the MC culture and the chaos that surrounds it, you are definitely getting that in loads with this book. That being said, this book doesn’t really feel that much of a New Adult book compared to others I’ve read simply because there is so much going on already that there isn’t that search for self-discovery or self-actualization as the main focus. It is there, but it isn’t as prominent as say, a New Adult Contemporary where character problems are the main conflict. DEFIANCE is far more multi-layered and complex, providing readers with something that will sweep them off their feet!

In a promising start to a new look in New Adult, DEFIANCE is taking the best elements of Fiction and creating a hybrid read that stands out like a gem.