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Immediately after finishing GROUNDED, the last book in the Up In the Air series I jumped into this novella. I just couldn’t bear to leave this world just yet. Lilley had created some phenomenal characters that I cannot help but want to learn more of.

LANA turned out to be more than I expected. At just under 100 pages, it’s a short read but holy hell, does it light things up! I loved Lana’s flirtatious manner and the way she went for Akira. No longer the virgin he once knew, Lana shows him just how much she has grown up since last seeing him.

Akira (who is Jason Momoa in my mind) feels guilty for “taking advantage” of her. Their age difference is what makes him regret their time together but, Akira always seems to forget that Lana was the one who seduced him.

In a hotter than hell encounter, sparks reignite and don’t settle down until the very last page. Don’t be fooled by the short length, Lilley knows just what to do with it. These pages are scorching!