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Turn and Burn - Lorelei James Tanna Barker experienced a disastrous injury that has manifested into a full-blown phobia of horses. She has lost her love for barrel racing as the rest of her world falls apart. Unexpectedly, her mother dies, then her father remarries and has sold the ranch, leaving her feeling adrift with no real purpose.

She stumbles on August Fletcher, a veterinarian in a hot one-night stand but after that explosive night of chemistry, both of them are wondering if this could be something more. Fletch soon finds out that Tanna is staying in Muddy Gap and makes it his personal goal to convince her they should be together. However, Tanna’s spit-fire personality will definitely put up some barriers that Fletch needs to go through first.

As expected, Lorelei James provides readers with a singe-your-eyebrows hot romance that delves deeper than ever before. TURN AND BURN is not simply about overcoming the fear of falling in love; it also deals with facing your fears. Loyalty and courage are two things addressed in this novel, making it universally relatable for all readers. Both characters turned out to be more than I expected. James creates such richly nuanced characters that are multidimensional and shockingly real.

In addition to that, James provides updates on past characters, creating a bigger picture while also solidifying the familial aspect to this series that has made it so successful. I loved the way James integrated the past characters into this storyline. Romantic love isn’t the only kind of love you get in this book. There’s also friendship and family that strengthens this series.

James has another winner on her hands. With clever dialogue and endearing characters, there is no question that readers will fall both in lust and love for TURN AND BURN.

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