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Conquer Your Love - J.C. Reed 3.5 stars


CONQUER YOUR LOVE is very much a redemption story for Jett. The beginning of the book has Brooke feeling heartbroken over the events in the last book. She feels betrayed by Jett and for the sake of healing, she wants to put as much space between her and Jett as possible. So she goes to Italy with her best friend to avoid her feelings, only to find thoughts of him lingering inside her head.

Jett didn’t bank on ever developing feelings for Brooke. He planned on only playing her but their relationship has come far since then. I liked the beginning, seeing Jett become a wreck over finding her. It may sound malicious of me, but I enjoyed seeing that side of him. We saw how deep his emotions went and the lengths to which he will cross to find her.

When they reunite, it’s a bit of a mess. Brooke still hates him for what he has done, but she also feels drawn to him regardless. Their emotions are everywhere, scattered and spiking every which way as they try to make sense of this all and work through it.

As a result, Brooke does take awhile to decide if she wants to be with Jett again. She makes him sweat but they do get back together. Reed does go over being forgiven a few times where I think it slows down the pacing a little bit. We get chapters describing the break up and subsequent feelings on that. But because of that, I thought the reunion would be more epic.

Another thing is, I’m not sure about my feelings on Jett yet. I like him, but something feels off about him. I feel like he is hiding something still and I’m determined to find out what. I hope we get a more in depth look into his character in the next book.

I thought I would share one of my fave quotes from the book. It aptly describes the book I think:

He had destroyed and shattered my love only to conquer it again.

*ARC provided by author