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Bella Andre gifts readers with a little something extra. In this short novella, we meet Colbie (cute name!) and Noah, friends of the Seattle Sullivans family. When Colbie and Mia Sullivan go to Lake Tahoe for a fun girls only weekend, Colbie learns that she isn’t as graceful on the slopes as she had hoped to be. She lets her friend Mia go off on her own so that she can enjoy the time there while Colbie tries to make her way back without falling down in her skis.

She fails. And falls flat on her face.

But Noah is there to lend her a helping hand. Their attraction is instant and as the sexy sky instructor, they soon become comfortable with one another. As the weekend comes to an end, they go their separate ways, but thoughts keep circulating in both their minds of one another.

Noah turns out to be friends with Rafe Sullivan and as a private investigator, asks Rafe to find Colbie. Similarly, Mia tells Colbie to use her brother’s talents to find Noah. It’s cute when they find each other and have a scorching hot night together. I only wished it was longer because when I flipped to the last page, I was really disappointed that that was the end of the story. I would have loved to read more about Colbie and Noah. I would have loved to learn more about Colbie’s indulgence business as well.

In Andre’s next book, THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT, Rafe gets his HEA. There some mention of Colbie and Noah in it, so definitely check it out if you wish for more of this couple! I know I do!

ONE PERFECT NIGHT has all the characteristics of a Bella Andre story – charm, sweetness and a heap full of hotness!