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MIDNIGHT’S CAPTIVE is book six in the Dark Warriors series. Wow, how did we get to book six already? There are several things I like about this series:

The writing: I enjoy Grant’s writing style. It’s simple, not frivolous with unnecessary dramatics and it is also very detailed. It moves at a great pace and she knows just when to put things into motion.

The Warriors: If you’ve read a Grant book before, then you know that she loves to bring past characters into the storyline. As a result, she has created a family amongst her Warriors and their women. Each person has their own purpose and duty and I feel that without one, you are missing something.

The sprinkles of old and new: Though now set in modern times, there is a great balance of the old and new in this series. Within the Warriors, there is a sense of ancient power that emanates from them. They speak with an accent that can lapse into older speech patterns, but they also integrate themselves into the modern world well. This is most especially true for Charon who works with his assistant, Laura.

The Women: Speaking of Laura…At first, I wasn’t struck by her presence. She was just an assistant who lusted after him. However, I really began to like her character when the world of the Warriors is revealed to her and she stands up to it instead of cowering away. All of the women in this series are strong and I think that’s what makes them so admirable and endearing. They display a quiet strength about themselves that line the pages of this book and make it easy to read.

The villain: Jason Wallace is by far my favorite of the villains so far. He is manipulative, ruthless and cunning. I don’t always know what he has planned and that’s part of the fun and the mystery. He seems like he is always one step ahead of the past villains, so the warriors will have a challenge on their hands as they face Jason.

Overall, MIDNIGHT’S CAPTIVE is a fun, passionate book that I would recommend to readers of Lara Adrian and Karen Marie Moning. Grant has that touch of the mystical that both authors do so well, but also has the camaraderie that Adrian has in her Midnight Breed series. Yet at the same time, I don’t think there is another author who can compare in the extensive worldbuilding that Grant has been able to do in across all her series. That being said, if you’re a fan of the Dark Kings series, you’ll be seeing some familiar names.

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