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If you’re looking for an M/M fantasy that takes you to another world filled with humor, heart and heat, then Sutherland’s Skybound series is for you.

There are several things about this series that makes in it unique. First off, it’s set on a ship called Annie (great name by the way ;0). There are several characters aboard it that make it fun and thrilling. They love to go at each other, making life worse for the other just for the fun of it. You get a sense of their camaraderie and their willingness to do whatever it takes to keep the other men on the ship safe. This is really where the humor comes in. I love their banter and the way they all seem to fight.

There is also the alternate world that Sutherland has created with her master mind. It’s vivid, dark but very intriguing at the same time. Sutherland opens up this particular book with a rescue mission at a brothel where Killian takes the governor’s son out of the grimy hands of the brothel owners. It’s action-packed and definitely caught my attention with the opening scene.

The pacing doesn’t slow from there. Once aboard Annie, Killian soon realizes that Neith has been given a drug called the Pandora’s Cure that amplifies the euphoria that one has during sex. It makes them crave that feeling, not necessarily sex and the withdrawal period is intense and highly painful. Neith needs pleasure to slowly wane himself from the drug and Killian is the man to do it. During this time, they learn of their passion for one another. I know what you’re thinking, their chemistry is only due to the drug. But Sutherland also makes sure that once the drug is taken out of the picture, Neith and Killian have a strong bond apart from that.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I only have one tiny complaint and that’s about Neith’s character. Sometimes I found him sounding too much like a child. He can be a little whiny and it doesn’t help that Killian calls him lil’ bit as well. Apart from that, this book is a solid M/M romance that I read very quickly. I can’t wait to read SKY HUNTER next!

*ARC provided by Netgalley