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Stein came out with a new book and you know I’ll be all over that once it released. I was looking forward to this book since Stein has a very unique voice, so I wanted to see what she would conjure out of the hat this time. Stein takes a relatively overuse trope of a wealthy businessman and a vulnerable, but also strong heroine and makes it her own.

Right from the beginning, I wondered where Stein would take this storyline. Alissa Layton is just a normal girl who doesn’t seem to know how to get out of a routine. When she meets Janos Kovacs, a rich and sexy Hungarian business man, this starts a series of conversations that are just as sexy as the sex scenes. I find that Stein has a particular talent with words. She is able to take an ordinary hero and heroine and create magic through their dialogue. It’s always flirty, fun and what’s even better is the fact that the heroine’s aren’t pansies through it all. They actively take part in the conversation, teasing just as much as the hero does. I like that in a book. I like that a lot.

While I do think the latter half of the book is better than the first half, Stein spends a lot of time inside of Alissa’s head, going over her thoughts, her feelings, her observations of Janos through her eyes. One thing I know I will love about a Stein book are the heroines. Alissa is far from perfect. She doesn’t see herself as the gem that Janos sees, but through the sex and through their conversations with one another, he SHOWS her. Sometimes, it can come across subtly, but it’s there.

On the flipside, Janos is a man who is ready to give Alissa his cock, but not offer any other intimacy than that. Soon, it almost becomes a game. Who will break first? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

Of course, no Charlotte Stein book would be complete without the mention of dirty talk and the sex scenes. The sex felt different in this book. It’s all from Alissa’s POV and she likes to predict what Janos will do next, or what he will say next. I like how she tries to figure him out like a puzzle, but I also don’t think we got much of a background check on Janos very much.

If I were being picky and had to find something that I wanted more of from this book, it would be that we didn’t see who Alissa and Janos were before they met. I found myself wondering a little about that after I finished reading.

I read this book in one sitting and found that it flew by with lightning speed. If you’re looking for another wealthy businessman erotica, Stein has you covered – but she just does it better!

*Review Copy provided by author