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A LOT of people have been raving about this book so on a night when insomnia had its grips in me, I decided to pick this book up on a whim. Upon starting I knew there was something unique about this novella right away.

First off, there’s a certain appeal to Rivers’s writing that I still can’t pin on. Her authorial voice reminds me of another author, but yet that name still seems out of reach. I’m reminded a bit of Charlotte Stein, who has her own unique voice and just has a special way to storytelling that makes you want to figure out what happens next. In some ways, I felt the same thing while I was reading this book. But still, I’m not sure I can say that Stein and Rivers are comparable. I just had the same reading experience when I read both of their books.

Carrie is a proud librarian who finds an online ad that piques her interest. It’s a temptation too good to resist so when she messages this handsome poster and agrees to meet up with him on their lunch breaks on Wednesdays for some kissing action, I knew I found a story that was just as unique as the author’s voice.

The twist is the kind that hits you right in the gut. Like a knife, it slices through you and you’re going to feel a lot of different emotions while reading this. THE STORY GUY is a powerful story that made me want to read more from this author. If this is what Rivers is capable of in a novella, I’m dying to see what she does with a full length novel.