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I discovered R.K. Lilley because of her In Flight series. After gaining glimpses of Tristan and Danika from that series ,I was eager to see how their story would unfold in their own books. Danika felt a little different to me in this novel than how I remembered her in the In Flight series. She still has that smart mouth and speaks her mind, but she also seemed a little more shy. I wonder if that’s because Tristan’s personality is more bigger and a little more dominant. One thing is for sure though. They are a great match!

The beginning of BAD THINGS starts off a little slow for me, focusing on being cute. But then that soon changes gears and it begins to heat up. A lot.

Lilley doesn’t shy away from the sexy parts. In fact, I think she likes pushing reader’s buttons and seeing how far they are willing to go through her characters.

I didn’t think it was possible to make me love another hero as much as James Cavendish, but Lilley is convincing me that maybe she can. While I don’t think BAD THINGS really hooked me completely, there is an ember there that can flare into a dangerous fire in the second book of the series. This gets me excited because I LOVED Mile High, the second book of the In Flight series so if Lilley plays her cards right, she’ll have me in a bind, completely at her mercy.