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The Redemption of Callie & Kayden - Jessica Sorensen 4.5 stars


If you know me, then you may be aware of my slightly out of control love for Jessica Sorensen’s NA Contemporaries. You may also know of my mini rampage I had when I finished the last book in this series that ended with a killer cliffhanger. Well, that’s what made THE REDEMPTION OF CALLIE AND KAYDEN my most anticipated book of the year.

The second installment picks up where the first left off. Kayden has hit rock bottom and is trying to recover from it. His only connection to Callie has become thin and frayed, leaving readers feeling a copious amount of anxiety that could lead to an ulcer. As I started this book, I was literally shaking with excitement and anxiety at learning about what was going to happen to my favorite characters. I made it about 5 % into the book before tears welled up in my eyes.

Jessica Sorensen definitely doesn’t hold back. As the darker of her Contemporary series, there is A LOT of angst. A LOT. This book is saturated with it so much that you can’t help but feel for these characters. Both of these characters are broken beyond fixing, yet there is hope that they can get through it together.

Kayden and Callie are wonderful together. But they also understand that their blooming relationship is fragile and that they need to fix themselves before they can be with each other. It’s such a romantic notion that Sorensen plays on and it definitely warms the romantic side of my heart to see such selflessness in characters.

This is where I will be going into specific details about the book which will undoubtedly have some spoilers from the first book and this one SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

THE REDEMPTION hits on what readers have been waiting for – the big reveal on both sides. Callie finally tells her parents about what happened with her on her fourteenth birthday. I waited on bated breath for this scene and I thought it was approached well, but seemed very short also. I loved her father’s reaction but mostly her mother’s. If she had denied it happening, I think I would have thrown a fit because Callie wouldn’t have gotten the redemption she deserved.

I thought Sorensen was very smart in taking Caleb down through Callie’s brother and the drugs. But the very last pages of the book hint at more monstrosity that Caleb has committed that is connected to Luke and his sister, so I am definitely eager to find out what happened in Luke’s book!

Kayden’s big reveal happened with his therapist and I thought this was absolute perfection. As a Psychology major, I loved Sorensen’s take on the therapist role and thought his reaction to Kayden’s darkest secret was well-done. However, I am still not sure how I feel about his parents disappearing. Did his father get scared because he realized he was becoming like his own father? Did he run to escape prison? I am so happy that Kayden actually told someone, but I didn’t feel that total sense of redemption regarding his parents just yet. In all honesty, I wanted his dad to pay. I wanted blood and I didn’t get it. That’s shows how deeply I care for this character.

Another character that blew my mind is Seth. OMG! I LOVE SETH. Everything about him – his willingness to be there for Callie regardless for anything, his take-no-shit attitude, his humor, his gayness! Everything about him is pure gold!

The next book is called THE DESTINY OF VIOLET AND LUKE. Naturally, I am on pins and needles waiting for this book. There are glimpses and clues in this book about Luke which only make me more interested in what’s to come. I have a couple ideas about what’s going on in his life, but can’t wait to see if I’m right!

THE REDEMPTION OF CALLIE AND KAYDEN draws on human emotion and takes you into dark places. Although brimming with angst, it’s a love story that will overflow your heart with hope. This series is not to be missed.

*ARC provided by publisher