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Into the Deep - Samantha Young 4.5 stars!


Many people get this confused: The On Dublin Street series is Adult Contemporary romance. INTO THE DEEP is the first book in a brand new NEW ADULT series by Samantha Young. She has done a Fantasy NA before called Slumber, but this is the first NA Contemp that Young has written and I think it’s a winner!

I can guarantee you that you will fall in love with Charley’s character. Charley Redford is a young adult who doesn’t have the world weighing down on her. In fact, everyone around her – including me! – thinks she is awesome. Her nickname is Supergirl because of one heroic act when she was younger. Since then, Charley has become a bit of a badass. I like to think of her as Batman – an avenger hellbent on protecting others from injustice. And this becomes more and more true as the story progresses.

INTO THE DEEP is written in a unique way. It starts off in 2012 but then alternates between Charley and Jake’s past in 2008-09 when they first became in a relationship. At first, it takes some time getting used to, but once it becomes a habit, it’s smooth sailing from there. I liked the natural progression between the two. The coverage of the past puts in romantic scenes where I think the present would have lacked simply because Jake and Charley are working out the kinks of their past.

I enjoyed the latter half of the book where readers learn what really happened between Jake and Charley and his reasoning for breaking up with her. It adds that touch of angst that is so very welcome in NA books. Interestingly enough, Melissa, Jake’s girlfriend through all of this is a very sweet and kind person whom I found feeling bad for. It makes me wonder if she will ever get a book!

My fingers are crossed for a Claudia and Beck book whose chemistry is just waiting to explode. Young reveals a big secret in regards to Claud’s identity so I will have to check out the next book in the series to find out how that plays out.

I read INTO THE DEEP very quickly, devouring it in one sitting. It’s one of those books that can make you laugh out loud and then break your heart. A lot of that has to do with Young’s talent as a writer. I adore her authorial voice and think it fits very well with Contemporary Romance. Whether she writes is hot and sexy with Adult or angsty and funny with New Adult, Samantha Young’s books are always a must-read!
Favorite Quotes:

“Looking hot, Charlotte.”
“Luke, eyes up or I’ll detach your retinas,” Jake warned.
Lukas grinned mischievously. “Not my fault your girlfriend is hot.”
“Lukas, stop checking me out. It’s weird. You’re a fetus.”

“You named my truck,” he murmured.
“You can un-name it,” I muttered back unsurely.
Jake shook his head. “We’re in too deep for that, baby.”
*ARC provided by author