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The Beyond series has become one of my most favorite erotic series. It stands out against a sea of smut. The dystopian aspect of the series just adds something that draws the eye and makes it become something “other” and refreshing in the out-played genre.

I was anticipating Bren and Six’s book because I thought it would be a nice change of pace. Here you have a hero who doesn’t feel as tortured as the heroine and isn’t trying to immediately fix her by smothering her with attention. Bren gives Six the tools to help her heal but also very much gives her the option to back out if she wishes.

BEYOND PAIN is the third book in the series and I would definitely suggest reading this series in order. Not only will you get to experience a delicious amount of sex scenes, but you’ll get a little more of Six’s backstory in the first book of the series. You’ll get a picture of what she has endured and the distance she has to travel in order to see herself in a certain way.

Six’s character impressed me multiple times in this story. I wasn’t expecting her to be so tough. I figured she’d be more of a Noelle because of her past. However, she feels like a mixture of both Lex’s character and Noelle’s – that balance of naughty and nice that I think complements Bren’s character so well.

Bren also surprised me. He’s so nurturing but not in a smothering way. I loved how much trust and faith he had in Six, especially when she went inside the cage to fight Elvis. Not a lot of men would have allowed that for their woman, but Bren realized how much of a necessity it was for Six to do this for herself.

In the rest of the book, readers also get a new additions to the gang and also some greater insight into some side characters. I am especially eager to read Rachel’s story. The lucky girl will have an amazing book, I just know it!

Speaking of Rachel….the little lady gets some action in this book. There’s a particular scorching scene involving Dallas, Lex and Rachel and Bren and Six that I think readers will remember and want to reread again and again. I loved getting my dose of Dallas and Lex! Also, my other favorite of the series, Ace gets some playtime as well!

As you can see, all these characters have burrowed into my heart and found a place to stay. I adore all the characters in this series and find it hard to choose between so many of the great heroes. Each one is more sexier than the last! It’s a really great thing to have in an erotic series.

I felt that this book made some great strides in the worldbuilding department. Dallas is taking over Sector Three and there’s bound to be some resistance along the way. I am loving this side of the story as well.

BEYOND PAIN exceeded my expectations and replaced them with dirty thoughts. Never have I wanted to be a character in a story more than I have with this series. I want to be an O’Kane!

*ARC provided by author