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Imagine a world where touch is forbidden. Sex is a felony and people must line up at simhouses to get their orgasms. This is the world that Keith Borden lives in. He works at a simhouse, delivering personal pleasure to the citizens through virtual reality machines. He meets Aiden Maxwell, a bad boy who knows what it feels like to have wireless sex.

He invites Keith to come with him to one of these secret and highly dangerous underground to have wireless sex. For Keith, it’s a great gamble. Just talking about it can make him lose his job and land himself in jail. But Aiden is determined to show Keith that there was once a time where sex and touch were necessary. It’s not unhygienic or infectious as the government now claims it to be, but tempting and passionate.

The science fiction dystopian world that Witt had created in this story is highly imaginative and well-done. I was never confused about any of the new rules or felt that the details or explanations were too sparse. Witt has always had a good mind with creating alternate worlds. I absolutely believe that she can take this standalone and expand it further into a series.

Aiden was delicious. He was a bit of a bad boy, tempting Keith like that. A lot of the allure of this book stems from the taste of the forbidden and the anxiety that comes with getting caught. It made everything they did seem more tempting. Keith essentially found a drug with wireless sex and couldn’t find himself stopping after that first exposure. At the same time, he is having an internal battle within himself as he contemplates what is good and what is bad.
I would definitely recommend this to readers who are found of dystopian M/M. Witt’s stellar worldbuilding and scorching hot sex scenes make WIRELESS a book that should not be missed!

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