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THE OPPORTUNIST caught my eye for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I love the covers and had heard a lot of buzz surrounding this series. People told me, “be ready to fall in love with Caleb” and also, “be ready to love and hate these characters simultaneously”, which only made me want to read this more.

I started with the first chapter, like you do with all books and didn’t really stop until the very end. Fisher has a unique voice that is both entertaining and damn hilarious. I loved being in Olivia’s head, even though there were times when she does or thinks crazy things.

The thing that made me devour this book was learning what happened in Olivia and Caleb’s past that changed everything about them. I needed to know this with a passion. But I realized that getting there, and learning about their past as the story went on, it turned out to be highly entertaining and fun.

I LOVED Olivia and Caleb together. They had great chemistry, and when you factor in Leah, it just turned up the drama to a whole other notch. Usually, I’m not one for dramatics. I don’t need all the girlish drama and fighting over a man. But I think this worked for me because I actually believed in what romance Olivia and Caleb had in this book.

That being said, I’m curious how I will feel after I read DIRTY RED, because if this book turned out to be so good, even with a manipulative heroine, I wonder how Fisher will pull off Leah’s character.

On top of all that, a deep, dark part of me also likes the bad, manipulative side to Fisher’s thinking. What? A girl is allowed to be bad every once in awhile ;)