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DON’T BLINK! Because you will miss stuff if you’re not paying attention! Every event in this book comes in fast, hits you hard and doesn’t look back. If you’re new to this series, I suggest you get your butt over to the first book and read that before TRUTH because you will not have a clue at all of what is happening in this book if you don’t.

TRUTH follows the events of what happened in CONSEQUENCES. I can say straight up that I noticed an improvement in Romig’s writing. It’s smoother, flowing and far more engaging. I loved the first half of the book. This is where Claire is released and is free to leave Iowa. To regroup herself, she spends time at a friend’s house and even shows some backbone towards Tony. However, the pieces start to form and the truth slowly begins to be revealed.

I was fascinated by this story because of all the twists and turns that make this book so enjoyable. At the same time, it’s a fast-paced ride and if you’re not buckled in properly, you may find yourself falling out before the ride is even over.

There were a few times where I doubted how the author could redeem Tony. In the first book, she makes a convincing deal of making him look like the bad guy. What I LOVE is that Romig isn’t afraid of coming back from that and reveal more of the background of Tony’s behaviour. For that, I have to give a round of applause to Romig because I know some authors love to make a bad guy hero and then try to turn them around by making them a softie in the end. It’s not like that with Romig’s books. At the same time, I still wasn’t 100% convinced in all of Tony’s apologizes for his behaviour. Again, that’s because Romig makes him a convincing bad guy in the first book. As you can see, I’m conflicted.

I figure that no matter how many times I think about it, I will always remain conflicted. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to seeing how it all ends in CONVICTED.

*Review Copy provided by author