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At an early age, Evan Costa learned that touch could be bad. But regardless, he yearns for it. With the help of a therapist, he gets through his rough childhood and early adulthood with some bumps along the way. However, it isn’t until he becomes a porn model for the Johnnies that Evan – or Ethan, rather – gets what he has been dying for. He develops a strong bond with the other men and also has touch available to him for free.


Jonah Stevens lives his life caring for his lovely sister, Amelia. Melly is sick and requires constant care and reassurance. Their time together is limited but Jonah is determined to make the best of it while he can. Ethan stumbles into their lives and a romance slowly builds between the two until it becomes undeniable.


Amy Lane is a master at weaving intricate, heartfelt stories for her readers. But ETHAN IN GOLD surpasses every expectation I had going into this book. It starts off with a bang, an innocent, but broken-hearted confession that delves deep into Ethan’s psyche. From this, Lane carries on, giving Ethan’s character many obstacles to overcome. In this journey, I found myself completely enamoured with his character, rooting for the best situations even when I sensed darkness ahead. I couldn’t help but feel attached to him and when the possibility of a HEA was in sights, I want Ethan to jump right in because he deserves so much happiness.


Jonah and Ethan’s romance blooms slowly. As you can guess, there is a ton of angst that acts as a hurdle that they both need to overcome. I loved that Jonah wasn’t afraid of telling Ethan that he didn’t see him as a whore, no matter how much Ethan insisted that he was. Already Jonah is changing how Ethan is seeing himself and that to me is just as effective as having a shrink around.


My heart broke when we learned more about Chase and Tommy. It was nice to see them, as well as Dex, but man, Lane knows how to write dark, heartbreaking scenes! You think you know these characters, but Lane peels back the layers like an onion and reveals more secrets that make you love them more.


ETHAN IN GOLD has made the Johnnies series one of my top two favourite Amy Lane series. The way it merges darkness and heartbreak with hilarious antics and heart, ETHAN IN GOLD shines.


*ARC provided by publisher