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ORIGIN doesn’t waste any time, diving back into the events where the last book left off. Katy is in the hands of the enemy and Daemon is determined to do anything to get her back. It was a nice change of pace to get Daemon’s POV. I think it was necessary for the story. I don’t think the story would have been as exciting if Daemon’s anger and aggression wasn’t explored so I’m glad Armentrout decided to take that route.


Katy seemed a little different in this one. She is in survival mode and that resilient side of her is up and protecting her. In a way, it kind of reminded me of the first couple books in the series where she keeps up her shield for Daemon. This time, she is doing it to keep the bad guys out.


As far as the worldbuilding is concerned, I felt that a whole lot was revealed in this instalment. We see the Lux and Arum world in its full glory and Armentrout takes her time outlining the details and exploring more of the unique world she has created.

One thing that really striked me about this book is the authorial voice. I’ve read all of Armentrout’s books as they come out but I feel that her YA Paranormal voice fits her the best. This Lux series especially is very strong for that reason. Armentrout can get into her characters head and knocks down descriptions and emotions like it’s no effort at all, keeping readers hooked.


Action and suspense is no stranger to this book. If you think you enjoyed the series up to now, be prepared to be blown away by what Armentrout has in store for you next!